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Registration Next Steps

How to Register for Classes

First-Time Students:

Take the Direct Enrollment Survey

If this will be your first semester, you need to start with the Direct Enrollment Survey to determine which classes you may need to prioritize: https://desurvey.vccs.edu/login

Apply for Financial Aid
If you are interested in applying for financial aid you can obtain more information here.

Contact an Advisor

If you have fewer than 15 college credits, contact an advisor at advising@patrickhenry.edu. 
(Recent graduates and current students from BHS, MHS, MVHS, & PCHS may also contact their respective Career Coaches).

Returning Students:

Contact Your Faculty Advisor or Our Advising Center

- Advising Center: advising@patrickhenry.edu at 276-656-5482

To locate your faculty advisor, log in to myP&HCC→ Click on SIS→ Click on My Student Information. Your assigned faculty advisor can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the Student Center page.

- Or find your advisor by program: 

{slider=1} Healthcare/Emergency Medical {/slider=1}{slider1text}

Students who have not been officially admitted to PN, ADN, or PTA programs should contact Christy Lester, clester@patrickhenry.edu.

Christy Lester clester@patrickhenry.edu, Whitney Hall whall@patrickhenry.edu, Amy Webster awebster@patrickhenry.edu

Practical Nursing (LPN) & Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)
Current program placed nursing students should contact their instructor for advising.

Health Science/Wellness

Christy Lester clester@patrickhenry.edu, Amy Webster awebster@patrickhenry.edu


Ashley Smallwood asmallwood@patrickhenry.edu , Melissa Hubbard mhubbard@patrickhenry.edu, Christy Lester clester@patrickhenry.edu

Physical Therapist Assistant

Rebecca Duff rduff@patrickhenry.edu , Lucy Williams lwilliams@patrickhenry.edu, Christy Lester clester@patrickhenry.edu

Nurse Aide Training

Kriste Campbell kcampbell@patrickhenry.edu, Christy Lester clester@patrickhenry.edu


{slider=2}Career and Technical{/slider=2}{slider2text}

Randy Smith rsmith@patrickhenry.edu

Industrial Electronics/Mechatronics
Daniel Edwards dedwards@patrickhenry.edu

Engineering Technology
Daniel Edwards dedwards@patrickhenry.edu


Talmadge Thomas tthomas@patrickhenry.edu, Denver Smith dsmith@patrickhenry.edu

Justin Durden rdurden@patrickhenry.edu

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Keith Newcomb knewcomb@patrickhenry.edu


{slider=3}Early Childhood/Education Assisting{/slider=3}{slider3text}

Jan Harrison jharrison@patrickhenry.edu


{slider=4}Administration of Justice{/slider=4}{slider4text}

Ronnie Wray rwray@patrickhenry.edu




{slider=5}What classes do I need to take? {/slider=5}{slider5text}

1. Login to MyP&HCC and click on SIS.

2. Click on My Student Information which will take you to the Student Center.

3. Select Academic Records from the left-hand menu and then select My Academic Requirements.

4. After moving past the optional VA Transfer Passport, you will see your degree progress report.

5. Any classes showing “Not Satisfied” are needed to complete your program.


{slider=6}How do I search for and add classes? {/slider=6}{slider6text}

**To ensure appropriate pre-requisites are being taken, students who plan to apply to a competitive entry health science program should contact clester@patrickhenry.edu prior to self-enrolling in courses.

Students completing a certificate or degree program:

Continuing from the steps above, classes showing as “Not Satisfied” may be clicked on for course descriptions and to see available sections by clicking View Class Sections.

Select a class section that you want to enroll in, click Next on the following pages, and the course will be added to your shopping cart. Return to My Academic Requirements and repeat this process to add all classes you wish to take in a given term to the shopping cart.

Once all desired classes have been added to the shopping cart, select the Enrollment option on the left hand panel and Add Classes. The classes you have chosen will show in the shopping cart on the next screen and you can proceed to Step 2 of 3 and then Finish Enrolling. If you encounter issues please reach out to the advising offices at advising@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-5482.

Students looking for a specific class:

Login to MyP&HCC, go to SIS, and then My Student Information.

Select Class Search from the left-hand menu and then Browse Course Catalog.

Search the alphabetical list of classes for the specific class and then click the View Class Sections button. Select the desired course section for the term and continue through the steps to add the course to the shopping cart.

Once the class has been added to the shopping cart, go to Enrollment on the left-hand panel, Add classes, and continue through the steps to finish enrollment.


{slider=7}How does payment/financial aid work? {/slider=7}{slider7text}

If applying for financial aid, make sure you have completed the correct FAFSA and all To-Do list items in SIS. In addition to the FAFSA, students interested in financial aid for the summer semester will also need to complete the summer financial aid application by completing the steps below.

1. Click here for the Summer Financial Aid Application

2. Login with P&HCC username and password

3. Complete the form and submit

Summer Semester? Complete the 2022-2023 FAFSA || Fall Semester? Complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA

Questions about financial aid can be directed to finaid@patrickhenry.edu 

• Payment Plan setup How-To

• Full Payment How-To

• Questions regarding payments and payment plans should be directed to the Business Office at 276-656-0210 or by emailing studentaccounts@patrickhenry.edu.





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