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Registration Next Steps

How to Register for Classes


STEP 1: Take the Direct Enrollment Survey

If this will be your first semester, you need to start with the Direct Enrollment Survey to determine which classes you may need to prioritize:


STEP 2: Speak with your advisor.

Advising for new students or students with 15 credits or less

Contact an advisor at To schedule an in-person advising appointment, go to

(Recent graduates and current students from BHS, MHS, MVHS, & PCHS may also contact their respective Career Coaches).


Advising for students with more than 15 credits

Contact your faculty advisor or 

To locate your faculty advisor, log in to myP&HCC→ Click on SIS→ Click on Student Center. Your assigned faculty advisor can be found in the right-hand corner towards the bottom of the screen


Or find your advisor by program: 

{slider=1} Healthcare/Emergency Medical {/slider=1}{slider1text}

Pre-BSN/Pre-Nursing/Associate Degree Nursing
Amy Webster, Christy Lester, Rachel Cox

Practical Nursing (LPN)
Amy Webster, Melanie Nelson, Rachel Cox

Health Science/Wellness
Amy Webster

Ashley Smallwood, Melissa Hubbard

Physical Therapist Assistant
Julie Martin, Lucy Williams

Nurse Aide Training
Amy Webster


{slider=2}Career and Technical{/slider=2}{slider2text}

Randy Smith

Industrial Electronics/Mechatronics
Daniel Edwards

Engineering Technology
David Dillard


Talmadge Thomas, Denver Smith

Justin Durden

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Keith Newcomb


{slider=3}Early Childhood/Education Assisting{/slider=3}{slider3text}

Kristin Dulaney


{slider=4}Administration of Justice{/slider=4}{slider4text}

Ronnie Wray



STEP 3: Self-Enrollment

Login to “MyP&HCC” at the top of the homepage,, and click on “SIS” before following the steps below. ( If you are unable to login, email Kim Dillard at


{slider=5}What classes do I need to take? {/slider=5}{slider5text}

1. Login to MyP&HCC and click on SIS

1. Self-Service → Degree Progress/Graduation → My Academic Requirements

2. Any classes showing “Not Satisfied” are needed to complete your program


{slider=6}How do I search for and add classes? {/slider=6}{slider6text}

1. Login to MyP&HCC and click on “SIS” 

2. Self Service →  Class Search/Browse Catalog →  Class Search

3. Select the Institution and Term when you want to take classes

4. Enter Course Subject and Number ( Ex. ENG 111) then click “Search”

5. Available course options will show. Click "Select" by the section you want and "Next" on the following page to add the class to your shopping cart. Continue to search for classes until all desired classes are added to the cart. From your shopping cart, check all courses you want to enroll into and click "Enroll".

6. Check the classes you entered and if correct, click “Finish Enrolling”. 

7. View results of all classes added; a green check indicates you successfully enrolled, a red "X" indicates you are unable to add this class

a. If there is an error with enrolling in a class, contact an advisor at 

Click here to browse our course options.


{slider=7}How does payment/financial aid work? {/slider=7}{slider7text}

If applying for financial aid, make sure you have completed the correct FAFSA and all To-Do list items in SIS. In addition to the FAFSA, students interested in financial aid for the summer semester will also need to complete the summer financial aid application by completing the steps below.

1. Click here for the Summer Financial Aid Application

2. Login with P&HCC username and password

3. Complete the form and submit


Summer Semester? Complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA || Fall Semester? Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA

Questions about financial aid can be directed to 


Summer classes start on Monday, May 24. The Business Office will run the back-out process and drop anyone enrolled in summer classes without payment or financial aid starting Monday night May 10, Monday night May 17, and then every night beginning May 18. New summer enrollments without payment will be dropped each night after. The back-out process for fall enrollments will occur on Monday, August 2, and every night after for new fall enrollments. 

• Payment Plan setup How-To

• Full Payment How-To

• Questions regarding payments and payments plans should be directed to the Business Office at 276-656-0272 or e-mailing or 


Helpful information/dates to know when registering. 

Need help?  Watch these short videos to learn more!



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