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Frequently Asked Questions for: Students


 What should I do if I need a computer, WiFi or special accommodations to participate in my online classes?

• Students can borrow a laptop from the Student Success Center if necessary. Please note, supplies are limited. Contact

• For special accommodations please contact your instructor. All instructors are encouraged to work closely with students in order to ensure they are able to meet all requirements. Students with disabilities may also contact Scott Guebert


What offices are open on campus?

• Through the summer semester, the campus is open normal operating hours Monday - Thursday. The campus is closed for cleaning on Fridays, but all employees are working remotely and should be accessible during normal operating hours. 

• Many classes are still remote or hybrid. All classrooms are still being filled only to 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. 

• Most tutoring is being handled remotely. Contact 

• Faculty are not holding regular office hours. Please contact your faculty to arrange a meeting. 


I am having trouble logging on to my online classes. What do I do?

Please contact Kim Dillard.


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I am an international student, how will the move to all online classes affect my international student F1 visa status?

 Given the extraordinary nature of the COVID-19 emergency, SEVP will allow F-1 and/or M-1 students to temporarily count online classes towards a full course of study even if they have left the United States and are taking the online classes from elsewhere. This temporary provision is only in effect for the duration of the emergency and in accordance with the procedural change documents filed in a timely manner to SEVP. As long as students participate in the online classes and take all or other alternate learning procedures and remain in active status in SEVIS.

I am an international F1 student and need to take a leave of absence due to an illness.

F1 students can apply for a Reduced Course Load (RCL) based on Illness or Medical Condition if they have a doctor’s recommendation. If approved, the student can take less than 12 credits or does not have to attend classes at all. RCL cannot exceed 12 months. Contact your International Student Adviser for more details.

I need to return home temporarily, what do I need to do?

If you or your family have decided that you should return home due to the virus outbreak, contact your International Student Adviser to have your I-20 signed before you travel. At this time, we are unable to advise you on the individual travel implications given the fluidity in which the US government is making decisions on travel and changes to visa restrictions. We are continuing to stay on top of the latest government guidance related to F1 visas and travel and will be sure to update you as we receive more definitive information.


{slider=3}Health-Related Questions{/slider=3}{slider3text}

What should I do if I overhear or am concerned an individual on campus may be contagious or is caring for or lives with someone who is contagious?

Please report these incidences directly to the P&HCC Police Department. Do not confront others with regard to their health status or the health status of a family member.


Frequently Asked Questions for: Faculty/Staff


When am I supposed to come into work?

Through the summer semesterthe campus is open and all offices are operating in-person at 100% capacity during normal operating hours Monday - Thursday. The campus is closed for cleaning on Fridays, during which time all employees are working remotely. We recommend forwarding your office phone and keeping your email readily accessible. 

How is my office handling social distancing?

If you regularly interact with members of the public/students in your office, you may request a shield by contacting Roberta Wright or your dean. For those who are unvaccinated, masks are still required in hallways, while interacting with others, and while teaching. 


{slider=5}Human Resources{/slider=5}{slider5text}

What do I do if I am sick or have had a known exposure?

If you or an immediate family member are sick, please notify your supervisor through your normal process. Your supervisor, in consultation with Human Resources, will advise you on next steps. We ask you not to come to work sick.

* If you have had a known exposure, please fill out this form. You may be asked to self-quarantine if you are returning from a Level 2 or 3 Travel Advisory but showing no symptoms.* 

The Department of Human Resource Management provides 80 hours of Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL) to all full-time, part-time and adjunct employees, provided you are actively employed at the time the leave is needed. Federal Work Study employees are not eligible for PHEL. Wage employees would receive a pro-rated amount of leave based on their normally scheduled hours. Please note, this can only be used if you or an immediate family member have been diagnosed with COVID-19. You will be required to provide documentation from a health care provider or Public Health in order to use PHEL. In some cases, PHEL can be used along with VSDP and FMLA, this will be coordinated by Human Resources.

Employees are encouraged to review DHRM’s COVID-19 web site and consult P&HCC Human Resources with questions. ( 

I meet with students (visitors, employees, etc.) frequently as part of my job responsibilities. What should I do if I encounter someone who is sick?

For contagious illnesses, maintaining a reasonable distance from the person is a starting point. Do not shake hands or have any other physical contact. Use a sanitary wipe after the person has left to wipe those areas of your work station that the person touched. There may be situations in which a meeting can be rescheduled to a time when the person is feeling better, or the business can be conducted by phone or email. Do not hesitate to offer those alternate suggestions if appropriate. Click here to view the Center for Disease Control’s “Stop the Spread of Germs” flyer:

Under what circumstances could I be approved to work from home? What is the approval process?

Due to the availability of vaccination, we are reducing our telework hours. If your doctor recommends continued telework, speak with your supervisor and HR regarding the options available to you. 

What if I am at high risk of getting sick due to my disability or medical condition?

Please contact your supervisor immediately and consult with Human Resources about your options. We do want any person on our campus to feel unsafe or at risk.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact your supervisor, division head or Human Resources.



If I am diagnosed with having COVID-19, am I eligible for worker’s compensation?

In general, workers’ compensation statutes do not cover COVID-19 claims. However, there may be other government benefits available to compensate you for lost time. Please contact Human Resources to determine whether you are eligible for Public Health Emergency Leave.

If I have to remain in quarantine because of COVID-19, am I required to use my personal sick, or annual leave balances?

If you are quarantined, you may be able to work from home. If you cannot work from home DHRM policy 4.52 authorizes state agencies to provide 80 separate hours of paid leave to eligible employees for purposes directly related to a communicable disease threat as declared by the State Health Commissioner and Governor. Therefore, P&HCC will continue to pay employees (without a charge to personal leave) for the designated 80 hours the employee needs to remain at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. All absences must be approved by Human Resources.

Extended, non-related absences may require a charge to leave or the initiation of a disability claim for employees who are participants in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP).

If I am required to be absent from work due to illness resulting from COVID-19, am I required to file for job protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

A request for Family and Medical Leave is not needed where absences are due to P&HCC’s closing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak or a mandatory social distancing plan. However, extended, unrelated absences due to an employee’s serious illness or that of an eligible family member, may qualify under FML. More information on Family and Medical Leave can be found here:

If I have questions regarding my benefits during a mandatory closure by P&HCC due to COVID-19 or during a quarantine period, who do I contact?

Please contact Belinda Stockton or Teddy Martin in the Human Resources Department.


{slider=7} Health/Travel Questions{/slider=7}{slider7text}

What should I do if I overhear or am concerned an individual on campus may be contagious or is caring for or lives with someone who is contagious?

Please report these incidences directly to the P&HCC Police Department. Do not confront others with regard to their health status or the health status of a family member. Faculty and Staff of P&HCC, please remember HIPAA and FERPA regulations remain in effect.

While unfamiliar circumstances may make us feel vulnerable and may impact how we behave, let’s work together to model civility in the workplace. For more information, see DHRM’S Civility in the Workplace Policy (


{slider=8}Information Technology Support Services{/slider=8}{slider8text}

If I do not have a computer to use at home, either college-owned or personal, will the college provide one?

Employees: Please contact the Information Technology department. We have a limited supply but will assist you if we can.

Students: Please contact Student Services as they have purchased laptops specifically for students.

I cannot log in to CANVAS; what do I do?

Please contact Kim Dillard or Julie Pruitt for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions for: Short-term/Personal Enrichment Courses

{slider=9}General Questions{/slider=9}{slider9text}

Will P&HCC’s Short-Term Training courses continue to be offered if the college goes to remote/modified learning?

Please contact the workforce division (276-656-0260 | as each class will be handled differently. 

I am taking a personal enrichment course (e.g. Salsa Dancing). What is going to happen with my class?

Please contact your instructor as each class will be handled differently. 

I am having problems accessing my training course online.

Please contact Kim Dillard or Julie Pruitt. 

What if my course is rescheduled?

We will notify you if your course is rescheduled to a later date. If you cannot attend the class at a later date, you may elect to switch to another course or other accommodations may be made. Please contact Tonya Sprinkle for further details.

Who can I contact if I have additional Questions

• Fast Forward students, please contact your Career Coach, Alyssa Hawley.

• Internship students, please contact Alan Hawley.

• For classes being held at the IDEA Center, please contact Matt Ratliff.

• For all other questions, please call the Workforce Division


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