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Eight-Week Courses

P&HCC offers both sixteen-week and eight-week classes to provide students with maximum schedule flexibility. When registering for a class, look for the designation F (first) or S (second) to find eight-week courses. 

How do I register?

You can register for eight-week classes in the same way you register for traditional courses. Simply look for the F or S designation.


When do eight-week classes start?

The first eight-week session starts at the same time as the regular semester. The first session eight-week sections include an F.
The second session starts half-way through the traditional semester. These second session eight-week sections include an S

Note: Once registration opens, you can register for either session at any point up until that session begins. 

How do eight-week classes affect my financial aid?

You should speak with your academic advisor and financial aid for details as financial aid requirements can be different for every student. Especially if you are a veteran or a SEED Fund student, it is critical that you speak with financial aid before registering for or dropping any eight-week course. 

To discuss how the eight-week course schedule may impact you, please call the appropriate office:

Financial Aid Office: finaid@patrickhenry.edu | 276-656-0317 | Walker 244

Business Office: jsurber@patrickhenry.edu | 276-656-0264 | West 155

Veteran’s Affairs Office: rbowers@patrickhenry.edu | 276-656-0317 | Walker 244



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