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  • Library cards must be presented before circulating materials, including Closed Reserves, can be checkout or renewed
  • Materials will not be checked out without a P&HCC library card
  • Library cards are available at the circulation desk
  • The first card is free
  • Lost or stolen cards cost $1.00 to replace, fee payable in the Business Office (West Hall). Please note that a lost or stolen care is still active until the card is replaced. Always notify the librarian immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  • A library card is not acceptable as a student ID card
  • Community patrons are welcome to apply for a library card and have access to the Lester Library collection and databases, though some restrictions may apply
  • Community patrons under 18 (minor) must have the card signed by a parent, legal guardian, or classroom teacher, who assumes responsibility for material checked out on the card
  • High school students under 18 who are dual-enrolled at P&HCC may apply for a library card without a parent, legal guardian, or classroom teacher acting as signatory

Check-out Periods

  • 4 week check-out; up to 5 books total,
  • 1 renewal, if not overdue or on hold
  • The library limits the total number of same-subject titles to 3 when checked out to a patron

  • Closed Reserve (3 hour check-out)
  • P&HCC Students Only
  • 1 renewal,  if not on hold
  • Must complete and sign checklist

  • 48 hour check-out
  • 1 renewal, if not overdue or on hold

  • Renewals may be made in person, online, or by phone, however…
  • Overdue materials cannot not be renewed
  • Materials “on hold” cannot be renewed

Books and DVDs may be returned to the circulation desk or placed in the book drop in front of the LRC building

A student with overdue material will receive up to three notices via their P&HCC email, and one overdue invoice by surface mail, the latter indicating replacement cost for the overdue material

  • NOTE: When library material reaches overdue status, an obligation is placed on the student’s record. This obligation will prevent the student from registering, pre-registering, receiving grades, or requesting transcripts. Other restrictions may apply

  • Determining a fair and adequate replacement cost for library materials is at the discretion of the library staff. Where possible, however, costs will be based on the publishers net price or from net price listings in such resources as Books in Print, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Not-returned items that have gone out-of-print or, by age, are deemed no longer appropriate for the collection will be replaced by subject and may be valued at a flat fee, based on material type (see schedule below)
  • Schedule of Flat Fee Charges (subject to change; applies only to material not listed in the pricing resources listed above, or may be applied at the discretion of the library staff):DVD = $25.00
    Videocassette = $25.00
    Hardback = $35.00
    Trade Paper = $15.95
    Mass Market PB = $10.00
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