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Media Station and Study Room

The Carter Study Room, which is located on your right as you enter Lester Library, can be used for groups of 2 or more students.  It seats 5 at a table and includes 3 additional chairs, one of which contains a movable tray for notetaking or to rest your laptop on. This room also houses books on local history and information on P&HCC. Not only is it a study group room but it is also a quiet research room.

The Collaborative area which is home to Media Station 1 and Media Station 2 can be used for group assignments. Our Collaborative area located immediately to your left as you enter the library and identified by the vibrant green walls is for groups of 2 or more.  There are 5 laptops in each area that use a switch kit system that allows the group to view laptop content on the television screen.

Reservation is suggested to utilize the media stations or Carter Room.

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