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Steps to Enrollment

Step One

Meet with your high school counselor to determine if dual enrollment is right for you. 

Schedule a time to meet with your high school counselor to see what courses are being offered at your high school and how they will fit into your schedule for the upcoming academic year.  Dual Enrollment options are listed in each school division’s Program of Studies guide.

Step Two

Complete the Online Application.

If you need assistance with completing the application, please stop by your high school career coach’s office and they can help you complete the application.  Upon completing the application, students will receive a 7 digit student ID number.  Be sure to keep this number for future reference.

Step Three

Registration for classes is completed both on P&HCC’s campus and at your high school.

In August of each year, dual enrollment students are invited to visit main campus to complete registration. Open enrollment dates are announced on social media.

Students who are unable to participate in registration on campus will complete that process at their respective high schools. At your high school, representatives from P&HCC will visit each class to assist students in the registration process. If you are enrolled in a course that meets on P&HCC’s campus, representatives will visit your class on the first day to get you registered.

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