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P&HCC’s Patriot Pantry Receives Community Support


Patrick & Henry Community College has hosted Patriot Pantry, a food and hygiene shop for students, since 2016. The Pantry exists thanks to the donations of P&HCC staff and community members. Bassett Kiwanis Club was one such recent donor, gifting the Pantry funds to purchase items for the spring semester.

“Success can be defined as helping an individual/s to reach whatever destiny or purpose in one’s life; however, it will take the community to change one person at a time to see the success,” said Student Success Center coordinator Seberina Tatum, adding, “We are so grateful to the Kiwanis Club for their support of the success of our students and the Pantry.”

P&HCC students can shop at the Pantry for food and hygiene items as well as school supplies once per month based on a points allocation system. Patriot Pantry stocks a wide variety of non-perishable food items including grab-and-go meals, pop-top canned food items, and traditionally popular protein bars and shakes.

In the 2022-2023 school year, the Pantry was visited by 271 students. The Pantry has served 489 students in the current academic year.

Community members who are interested in learning more about the Pantry or in making a donation are encouraged to contact Seberina Tatum or Lisa Coffey at 276-638-8777.

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