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Children on Campus

Patrick & Henry Community College wishes to foster a positive relationship with children, especially on those occasions when special events and programs are planned and supervised for them. This policy is based on the concern for the safety of children and on the fact that, in our experience, children can be a distraction and a hindrance to both the educational process and the day-to-day operation of college offices

Accordingly, all parents and accompanying adults should be aware of the following policy:

Children are not allowed to attend classes for which they are not registered.
Even if accompanied by a parent or other adult, children under the age of 12 are not permitted in labs, shops, or any area where potential hazards exist, with the exception of children directly involved in the instructional process.

The college is not responsible for visiting children who are left unattended at the college. Patrick & Henry Community College disclaims any responsibility for injury to visiting children, when the injury may have been prevented by appropriate parental supervision.

Unsupervised children, whether children of students, faculty, staff, or visitors, are not permitted on campus or other college sites.

Individuals who bring children to campus and refuse to abide by these guidelines will be referred to college officials and are subject to disciplinary procedures.

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