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P&HCC offers short-term programs to serve employers, individuals seeking career training, and lifelong learners looking for engaging ways to enrich their lives. 


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The NCRC confirms to employers that you possess basic workplace skills in Reading for Information, Applied Math, and Locating Information – the three skills that most jobs require

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Patrick & Henry Community College has partnered with Danville Community College to offer a Diploma (80 credits) in Precision Machining. This diploma can be evolve into an associate’s degree or be used to transfer into a manufacturing engineering program. This career field is quickly growing in our region and students that complete the program can find well over 100 job openings within a 75 mile radius. The average starting pay is approximately $20.00 per hour and can go up from there depending on the job and location.

Students will come to P&HCC for the first three semester’s and be enrolled in two Career Studies Certificates. During their time at P&HCC, they will have the opportunity to earn 4 industry credentials and possibly more. After their summer semester, students can then transfer to Danville Community College to continue their training in CNC Mill Operations and earn a Diploma In Precision Machine Technology.

Students who attend the 3 semesters at P&HCC with have the opportunity to earn the following credentials:

 Precision Machine Technology
                                                                                   Lecture           Lab        Course
                                                                                    Hours           Hours      Credits
First Semester                                                  
DRF 160        Machine Blueprint Reading                     3                     0               3
ENG 115        Technical Report Writing                         3                     0               3
MAC 101       Machine Shop I                                       5                     9                8
MTH 111        Basic Technical Math                              3                     0                3
SAF 130        Shop Safety  (OSHA 10)                         1                     0                1
SDV 100        College Success Skills                           1                     0                1
Total                                                                            16                    9                19
Second Semester

MAC 102         Machine Shop II                                   4                      9                  7
MAC 121         Numerical Control I                              2                      3                  3
CAD 231         Computer Aided Drafting                      2                      3                  3
MAC 116         Machinist Handbook                             2                      0                  2
ITE 115           Survey of Computer Software               2                      0                  3
Total                                                                            12                    15                18
Third Semester
MAC 221         Adv Machine Tool Operations I            4                      9                    7
MAC 127         Adv. CNC Programing                          3                      0                    3
Total                                                                             7                      9                  10

After successful completion of the second semester students will receive the Machining Technician Career Studies Certificate. Students will also have the opportunity to earn their OSHA 10 Industrial Safety Certification, National Institute of Metal Working Skills (NIMS) certification in Measurement, Materials and Safety as well as Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout.
After successful completion of the third semester students will receive the CNC Lathe Operator Career Studies Certificate. Students will have the opportunity to earn during the summer semester the NIMS CNC Lathe Operations certificate and the CNC Mill operator certificate.

Interested students should contact: 
Justin Durden
Precision Machining Instructor 




276-656-0260; wecd@patrickhenry.edu

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