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Frequently Asked Questions about: 

BlackBoard/Distance Learning


Student Email

WEPA Printing Kiosk

P&HCC MyLabs with Pearson

Downloading Microsoft Office 365




Canvas/Distance Learning

Q: My classes are not showing on Canvas. It says I am not enrolled in any classes or it is only showing previous courses.

A: Our Distance Learning Courses do not open until the beginning of the term. Also the process to get you in Canvas courses takes 24-48 hours after you register for a class. If it is after the beginning of the term and you registered for classes more than 48 hours ago, you should contact your instructor. (Please be sure to indicate which course is missing).

 Q: Not all of my classes are listed on Canvas.

A: Not all instructors use Canvas for traditional (in class) courses, therefore some of your traditional courses will not show in Canvas. All Distance Learning courses should be shown on Canvas. (See previous answer for further details).

Q: I still have classes showing from previous terms.

A: Canvas courses will continue to have you enrolled in them for one year beyond the end of the class. This is required for our record keeping.
How to hide courses in Canvas

Q: When I log in to Canvas it still shows me as attending another Virginia Community College.

A: Our Canvas system is shared with by all 23 Virginia Community Colleges. Your P&HCC courses will still show once they are available. If you wish to change your school affiliation so that you receive P&HCC news and information, please follow these steps:

1.     Login to the myP&HCC/myVCCS page (http://my.vccs.edu)

2.     Choose VCCS SIS: Student Information System

3.     On the Self Service page – choose “Campus Personal Information”

4.     Then choose “User Preferences”

5.     Change the Institution to “Patrick & Henry Community College”

6.     Click [SAVE]


Q: I have changed my password and can login to myP&HCC but Canvas still asks me to log in again.

A: The process of changing your password can take up to 30 minutes to roll across to all servers.


Julie Pruitt | 276-656-0235 | West Hall - Room 133



How To Use myP&HCC Student Information System

{slider=1}View your username and set your password{/slider=1} {slider1text}

1.     Click MyP&HCC Login on the home page.

1.     Under PLEASE LOG IN see: My User Name, My Password

2.     Click New to your college? Look up your username and set password.

3.     Type in your First Name, Last Name, Birthdate (MMDDYY) and Social Security Number (SSN). Click Search.

4.     Now type your new password. Be sure your password has:

5.     Between 7 and 10 characters

6.     At least one uppercase letter (A-Z)

7.     At least one lowercase letter (a-z)

8.     At least one number (0-9)

9.     Type your password again in the Retype Password box.

10.   Enter or select a security question, then answer the question.

2.     Click on VCCS SIS: Student Information System to access Self Service and your Student Center

{/slider1text} {slider=2}Add classes<{/slider=2} {slider2text}

1.     Click MyP&HCC Login on the home page.

2.     Login using your Username and Password.

3.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

4.     Click Student Center.

5.     Click Add a Class.

6.     Under Enrollment, select a Term, if given the option, and then click Continue.

7.     Enter the five digit class number, and then click Enter.

8.     Click Next.

9.     Repeat 8 and 9 for each class.

10.    Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

11.    Click Finish Enrolling.

12.    Click View my Schedule.

13.    Click printer icon at top of screen.

{/slider2text} {slider=3}Drop classes{/slider=3} {slider3text}

1.     Click MyP&HCC Login on the home page.

2.     Login using your Username and Password.

3.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

4.     Click Student Center.

5.     Under Enrollment, click Drop a Class.

6.     Select a Term, if given the option, and then click Continue.

7.     Place a checkmark next to the class you wish to drop.

8.     Click Drop Selected Classes.

9.     Click Finish Dropping.

10.   Click View my Schedule.

{/slider3text} {slider=4}View your class schedule{/slider=4} {slider4text}

1.     Login to MyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

3.     Click Student Center, under Enrollment click My Class Schedule.

4.     Selecta Term, if given the option, and then click Continue.

{/slider4text} {slider=5}View your grades{/slider=5} {slider5text}

1.     Login to MyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

3.     Click Student Center.

4.     Under other academic, select Grades.

5.     Select a Term, and then click Continue.

{/slider5text} {slider=6}View an unofficial transcript{/slider=6} {slider6text}

1.     Loginto MyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

3.     Click Student Center.

4.     Select My Academics.

5.     Select View My Unofficial Transcript.

6.     Select Patrick & Henry Community College from the Academic Institution box.

7.     Select Unofficial Transcript from the Report Type box.

8.     Click Go.

{/slider6text} {slider=7}View your degree progress report{/slider=7} {slider7text}

1.     Login toMyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

3.     Click Student Center.

4.     Under My Academics, click View My Advisement Report.

5.     Choose Patrick & Henry Community College from Academic Institution box.

6.     Choose Academic Advisement Report from the Report Type box.

7.     Click Go.

{/slider7text} {slider=8}Check on your financial aid status{/slider=8} {slider8text}

1.      Login to MyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.      Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System

3.      Under SELF-SERVICE click on STUDENT CENTER. Check the To Do List on the right     to see if there are any remaining steps you need to take in order to complete your financial aid process.

4.       On the left of the screen under FINANCES click on VIEW FINANCIAL AID to see if your award has been posted.

{/slider8text} {slider=9}Apply for graduation{/slider=9} {slider9text}

1.     Login to MyP&HCC Login using your Username and Password.

2.     Click VCCS SIS: Student Information System.

3.     Under Self Service you will see Academic Records and Apply for Graduation.

4.     Click on that link and complete the Application for Graduation. You will get a confirmation sheet for your records. There is no need to turn in a paper form.

{/slider9text} {slider=10}Personal information{/slider=10} {slider10text}

You may also view your personal information under Self Service, Student CenterPersonal Information, including your User Preferences, where you can make sure that you are in the correct community college and the current term year.


Please call (276) 656-0300 for more information.


WEPA Printing Kiosk

Q: How do I print on campus (What is WEPA)?

A: Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere (WEPA) makes printing easy & efficient for students. Convenient cloud technology lets you print from a variety of devices (smart phones, home computers, USB keys, etc) to any of the WEPA kiosk printers in the LRC Learning Lab and Philpott 117 Nursing Lab.


Q: How much does it cost and how do I pay the fee?

A: Black & White Copies 10¢ each imprint....Full Color Copies 50¢ each imprint. The fees can be paid via an on-line account with credit or debit card or by purchase of a WEPA print card from the P&HCC Follett Bookstore. Financial aid can be used to purchase WEPA $5.00 print cards.


Q: Why pay-per-print? 

A: Going green doesn’t just save trees. It saves money. In one year, our students print 1.2 million pages, costing the college roughly $24,000. With pay-per-print, P&HCC can put that money towards more exciting things like student activities.


Q: How do I know which Kiosk to use?

A: Any Kiosk can print your job. WEPA uses "cloud" technology so once you send a file to print using the WEPA print driver any kiosk can then output your pages. Any document sent to the cloud will remain in the queue for 24 hours until you decide to retrieve it. You only pay for what you decide to print.


Q: How do I get a refund or contact WEPA about my prints?
A: Chat live with WEPA: www.wepanow.com/contact or call them at 1-800-675-7639


Q: How do I register for WEPA?
A: Anyone may register and sign up for a WEPA account at www.wepanow.com. Simply follow the online instructions.


Q: What can I do to conserve paper?
A: Easy, whenever possible, don’t print! If the document can be saved/emailed electronically. Or, select only what you need in print, and do not print the rest (particularly if it is a large file or a page from the internet).  If you must print multiple pages, print duplex. Using both sides of a sheet will use less paper.


Q: How do I use WEPA?

1.    Go to www.wepanow.com, log-in to your WEPA account, which has already been created, using your student email address and BlackBoard password.

2.    Choose your method of payment for purchasing Print Credits.

a. You can purchase WEPA Print Cards from the college bookstore in the Walker building.
b. You can use your debit/credit card to purchase print credits by logging into your account at www.wepanow.com.
c. You can swipe your card at the WEPA kiosk.
(There is a surcharge for using a credit card at the machine.)

3.    Print your files using any of these three methods: Direct from any computer in the LRC Learning Lab or Philpott 117 Nursing Lab, print from your USB device by plugging it directly into the kiosk, or print by web upload (simply download the WEPA Student Print Driver at home on your own laptop or desktop computer).

a. Make sure to select WEPA-BW or WEPA-Color.
b. After selecting print, enter your username/email address
NOTE: You will enter this in a blue window that will appear after you select “Print”
c. Walk up to any kiosk and login with your username and password
d. Follow the onscreen instructions and print your document(s)

4.    You can also print from your computer to any WEPA kiosk on campus

a. Go to www.wepanow.com
b. Click the Print Now logo
c. Click login
d. Enter your username & password
e. Click Print Now
f. Browse and select your document(s)
g. Upload and send to WEPA
h. Walk up to any kiosk and login to release your prints

Your files will be held at every WEPA kiosk on campus for 24 hrs. After 24 hours all files will be deleted from your account. You can re-upload your files to your account as many times as you need to.

5.    Print directly from your USB Jumpdrive at any WEPA

a. At the WEPA, select “Print from USB”
b. Insert your USB Jumpdrive into the USB port
c. Wait for your documents to appear and select the document(s) you wish to print
d. Use your WEPA Account, Print Card, or Debit/Credit Card to print.

6.    The default setting for the WEPA printers is for single-sided copies, to avoid charges for multiple pages when only one page (front and back) is needed, be sure to select “duplex” printing to get double-sided copies (printed front and back of a single page).

Go to www.wepanow.com for more detailed information.

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