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Printing Kiosks

Printing on campus

Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere (WEPA) is our easy printing system. Thanks to cloud technology, students can connect from a variety of devices and print to any of the WEPA kiosk printers in the LRC Learning Lab and Philpott 117 Nursing Lab. Students can pay for prints with credit or debit card or by purchasing a WEPA print card from the P&HCC Bookstore in Walker. (Financial aid can be used to purchase WEPA $5.00 print cards.)

Black & White = 10¢ per page

Color = 50¢ per page


How does it work?

1) Go to www.wepanow.com, log-in to your WEPA account, which has already been created, using your student email address and Canvas password.

2) Choose your method of payment for purchasing Print Credits.

a. You can purchase WEPA Print Cards from the college bookstore in the Walker building.

b. You can use your debit/credit card to purchase print credits by logging into your account at www.wepanow.com.

c. You can swipe your card at the WEPA kiosk.

(There is a surcharge for using a credit card at the machine.)

3) Print your files using any of these three methods: Direct from any computer in the LRC Learning Lab or Philpott 117 Nursing Lab, print from your USB device by plugging it directly into the kiosk, or print by web upload (simply download the WEPA Student Print Driver at home on your own laptop or desktop computer).

a. Make sure to select WEPA-BW or WEPA-Color.

b. After selecting print, enter your username/email address

NOTE: You will enter this in a blue window that will appear after you select “Print”

c. Walk up to any kiosk and login with your username and password

d. Follow the onscreen instructions and print your document(s)

4) You can also print from your computer to any WEPA kiosk on campus

a. Go to www.wepanow.com

b. Click the Print Now logo

c. Click login

d. Enter your username & password

e. Click Print Now

f.  Browse and select your document(s)

g. Upload and send to WEPA

h. Walk up to any kiosk and login to release your prints


Your files will be held at every WEPA kiosk on campus for 24 hrs.

After 24 hours all files will be deleted from your account.

You can re-upload your files to your account as many times as you need to.


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