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coronavirus-updates-2-Sub-Statement on COVID-19

From the start, P&HCC’s primary directive in response to the COVID-19 situation has been twofold: to keep our employees, students, and constituents as safe as possible and to continue providing the quality instruction that our students rely on us to provide.

Current Policies:

P&HCC’s pandemic-related policies are shaped by our governing body, the Virginia Community College System, as well as the state and national authorities. In every change and every inconvenience that the pandemic may bring, we are immensely grateful for your patience and your flexibility. 

Go Pats!

{slider=1}What if I test positive for COVID-19?{/slider=1}{slider1text}

We have a plan in place to help protect you and your classmates from infection. Even though we clean and sanitize extensively and strictly require PPE, COVID-19 could still be carried onto our campus. So what happens if/when it does?  Here’s the steps…

Step 1: Inform. After receiving a positive COVID-19 test, students should inform each of their instructors ASAP (employees should contact HR). Please provide the date of test and last date on campus. 

Step 2: Containment The infected student/faculty member immediately transitions to all online instruction so that he/she can quarantine successfully.  

Step 3: Mitigation If the student/faculty member attended in-person classes, those classes will transition to remote instruction for ten days.

Step 4: Return to normal once the quarantine period is complete (for those infected and for those potentially exposed), in-person classes can resume.

Please be sure to check your email regularly as critical communications regarding remote transitions due to potential exposure will be sent via email.


{slider=2}What if I am exposed to COVID-19{/slider=2}{slider2text}

Vaccinated Exposure: You can continue your normal routine. You do not need to quarantine UNLESS you are a P&HCC employee and the exposure was from someone who lives in your house. When an employee is exposed to a covid-positive person who is living in their household that employee will need to quarantine for 5 days.  

Unvaccinated Exposure: You will need to follow the four steps outlined above which involve informing your instructors and quarantining for 5 days. 


{slider=3}Taking remote classes? Here’s some advice{/slider=3}{slider3text}

You are still going to class!

Whether you are taking online courses or in-person courses. All courses require time – time for classwork and time for homework. In order to be successful, we recommend keeping “class time” on your calendars even if you’re taking all online classes. If you aren’t on campus, you should find a good space for your studies. If you are working from home, you will want to be vigilant about limiting distractions and guarding your time. Let your family and friends know how important this time is going to be for you. You will need your time and space to do what’s best for your education. Protect it!

2.) Check your student e-mail account DAILY! (IMPORTANT)

The college and your instructors will communicate with you through your student email. In order to receive important updates, you must be checking in regularly. Additionally, a large portion of our faculty and staff will be working remotely for at least part of the week. If you need to reach financial aid, your advisor, your student success coach, or any other P&HCC official, the best way to do so will be through your student e-mail.

When you contact your instructor, advisor, or any P&HCC official, we recommend sharing your full name and the full name of your course in the email. This will really help whoever you are communicating with. They are there to help you – but they will need to know who you are in order to so!

4.) Keeping healthy, taking breaks

After an hour of staring into a screen, it can become not only mentally exhausting but physically exhausting as well. We suggest taking ten minutes each hour to take a quick walk and stretch before heading back to your studies. It’s not only physically energizing, but an emotional and inspirational thing for your remote study session, too. Plus, eye strain is an all-too-real issue for remote students. So, take the time each hour to take care of you!

5.) Set a schedule, stay ahead of it

When you don’t have a set schedule of being at a certain place at a certain time each day, it can become easy to fall behind in your studies. Many people thrive most when they have a schedule to follow, as when they go to campus each day. Keep a calendar handy where you can post when each upcoming assignment you have is due. Then, set a date BEFORE that due date to have each one complete. Staying ahead of schedule is key in making sure you graduate on schedule.

6.) Keeping social, making progress

Students who have done remote studies before know that discussion boards are key in staying connected to a class, your classmates, and the discussions being shared about each project and assignment.

From helping each other look over drafts of projects to group study project work and ideas, time on your discussion board can be the lifeblood remote students need to really keep their heads in the game.

7.) Stay informed

We prioritize keeping you informed and will do everything we can to get you the latest information regarding P&HCC’s response to the COVID-19 situation and how it impacts you. You can find this information posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and on www.patrickhenry.edu/COVID-19. Most importantly though, your faculty will communicate with you via your student email address.

8.) P&HCC Is Here For YOU!

Remember, the faculty and staff of P&HCC are here for you no matter where you are in your educational journey. If you need to reach anyone, feel free to look up the contact information of any P&HCC employee on the college’s directory page at https://apps.patrickhenry.edu/academics/profiles/.

9.) Remember why this is necessary!

The most important thing to remember is why we are working and studying from home. This is a powerful and educated effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our region. Doing our part while we live our everyday lives is what it will take to return to campus sooner, as opposed to later. We want you to keep you and your family safe, while doing everything you can to keep your education headed in the right direction.


(Note: this format and wording were adapted from Cleveland State Community College. Thank you for letting us borrow your excellent communication, CSCC!) {/slider3text}

{slider=4}General Information Regarding the Virus{/slider=4}{slider4text}

According to the Virginia Department of Health, ‘Common coronaviruses can cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illness, like the common cold. Public health officials are still learning about 2019-CoV and how it affects people. Some people who have become ill with 2019-CoV have had mild symptoms. Others have had more severe illnesses, including the potential of death. Symptoms include fever, cough, and trouble breathing, and can appear anywhere from two to 14 days after exposure. Anyone experiencing symptoms should visit a doctor immediately.

For more information regarding the nature and spread of COVID-19, we recommend going to https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/  


 Employees, wondering what Family/Medical leave looks like in the COVID-19 era? Access the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act information here.  

 Student Health Safety Agreement

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