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- Those who are not yet vaccinated or those who feel safer wearing a mask should continue to do so

- The campus is open and employees are working on campus 8AM to 5PM Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the campus will be closed for deep cleaning, but faculty and staff will work remotely and can be contacted via email or phone.

- Public meetings and NCJAA events on the college campus have either been either postponed or canceled until further notice.

- The US Dept. of Education has issued the CARES Act which will enable eligible students to receive a stimulus check from P&HCC. Please click here for more info: CARES ACT.

- WiFi is available in the parking lots of Stone Hall, MET Complex, and Stuart Community Center



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Statement to P&HCC Family Regarding Social Unrest -- June 2, 2020

The challenges and anxieties regarding the global pandemic of COVID-19 have become a backdrop for the outcries of raw pain, sorrowfully mingled with the quest to find  a voice for the voiceless and a chance to hear those that have been too long silent.  Then, with an eruption of violence and destruction, we find ourselves struggling to hear and listen to the messages of those that must speak, have the right to speak, and offer much to all of us if and when we hear them speak.

We have much to grieve. We have much to champion.  We have much to fix.  We have much to make right.

A key ingredient to healing, recovery, and authentic change is hope.  Patrick & Henry Community College has been and will continue to be in the “hope” business.  It is who we are. It is what we do.  Community colleges were founded as learning and teaching centers of hope.  We began with open doors, committed to serving anyone who wants to learn, who wants to secure that new career or new life, who wants to follow a dream.  Our campus is full of people who have dedicated their lives to being champions of those who could not champion themselves.

Our students need for us to stay focused on their success and their dreams.  Our students need for us to remain vigilant in our vision for “student success.”  Our students need for us to remain in the “hope” business.

#PHamily must be more than a clever hashtag.  Now we get to show what this #PHamily is all about, what we are made of, what is really important to us, and what we value.  #PHamily embodies the spirit of who we are as a college and as a cornerstone of this community.  The true meaning and value of #PHamily will be put to the test as we work to be a catalyst and champion of healing, recovery, and meaningful change.  And while our focus remains “teaching and learning,” which is our “main thing,” we know that the fundamentals of equity, justice, diversity, inclusion, and integrity can and must undergird that teaching and learning experience for our students as well as the workplace experience for our faculty and staff.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, we as a college will have the opportunity and the obligation to contribute, to serve, and sometimes, to lead the long road to healing, recovery, and meaningful change for our students, our faculty and staff, the communities we serve, and beyond.

We all need each other more than ever.  Our communities will need us more than ever.  Our students need us more than ever. 

While we certainly will not have all the answers, and we acknowledge there is no quick fix, we can never be afraid to ask the questions--the difficult ones.  And we will.

A few days ago, feeling completely unprepared to participate in a conversation about the tragic events unfolding around us, I turned to my comfort zone and penned a few words.  I shared them on Facebook. I will share them again, not for their poetic worth, but for the simple purpose of trying to express what I feel incapable of expressing.  I could not help but see faces racing through my mind, faces of people that I love, faces of sons of mothers that I honor and respect, knowing that any of them could have been in similar horrible situations, not because of what they did or where they were, but who they were. Like many of you, I may feel “speechless,” but I will not be “silent,” realizing that we will all respond, react, and take steps and actions in our own way and in our own time.  We all have a role to play.  Every member of this #PHamily has talents and expertise that can be leveraged to do this great work of hope.

Dedicated to mothers of sons of color.

Rarely speechless,

I can find no words.

I can craft no letters or

Syllables or inflections

Of speech.

None are adequate to

Share the disgust,

The grief,

The shame,

Of cruelty,

Of inhumanity,

Of reckless hate,

Of lost precious life.


But not silent.

Let’s find the words.


Let’s make this right.

“Speechless, but not silent”©


A Godwin





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