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Mobile Learning Lab

What is the Mobile Lab?   Who is it for?

Community engagement: We are on a mission to expose the truth about manufacturing. In the mobile lab, you’ll step into the world of advanced engineering and mechatronics and discover what advanced manufacturing has become.

The truth is our area has a lot of untapped opportunity. Great jobs -- family-sustaining, exciting careers waiting to be launched in the manufacturing sector. With clean, safe work environment and a focus on high-tech mechatornics, today’s manfuacturing is a whole new world.


On-site Employee Training: With the equipment in our mobile lab, we can provide pop-up training opportunities for your current employees.

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  • Students at all grade levels.
  • Employees with training needs.
  • Curious community members.


The mobile lab is designed to come to you. We love to come to community events, on-site training opportunities, field trips, and more. You tell us where you could see the mobile lab working to fit your needs.


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