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Virginia Community College System

Glenn DuBois, Chancellor

State Board for Community Colleges

Eleanor Saslaw, Chairman
Robin Sullenterger, Vice Chairman
Glenn DuBois, Secretary
Yohannes A. Abraham, Arlington
Carolyn S. Berkowitz, Burke
Nathaniel L. Bishop, Roanoke
David E. Broder, Vienna
Darrell Conner, Callands
Ed Dalrymple, Mitchells
Douglas P. Garcia, Washington, DC
Susan Tinsley Gooden, Richmond
William C. Hall, Richmond
Peggy Layne, Virginia Beach
Eleanor Saslaw, Springfield
Joseph F. Smiddy, Church Hill, TN
Walter A. Stosch, Glen Allen
Robin Sullenberger, Monterey
Molly Ward, Hampton

P&HCC College Board

Rebecca Lovell, Chair, Henry
Angeline Godwin, Secretary
Nancy Baker, Martinsville
Ashley Carter, Martinsville
Gary Collins, Henry
Sam Cook, Franklin
Janet Copenhaver, Henry
Pam Foley, Henry
Paul Geib, Henry
Roger Hayden, Patrick
Barry Helmstutler, Henry
Barry Jarrett, Henry
Elaine Ryder, Henry
Eddie White, Martinsville
Wren Williams, Patrick

Patrick & Henry Community College Foundation Board of Directors

Ron Haley, Chair
Scott Prillaman, Vice Chairman
Margie Eason, Secretary
Pam Allen, Treasurer
Angeline Godwin
Joe N. Gravely
John Gregory
Kevin Laine
Ralph Lawson
Carolyn Shough
Nancy Moore
Sebrena Smith
Jim Beckner
Joe Vipperman
Smith Chaney
Kelly Witt
Gene Clark
Joyce Staples
Gary Collins
David Swisher
Len Dillon
Linda Gale
Bill Goad


Virginia Hamlet
Larry Ryder
J. D. Lester
Eliza Severt
Will Pannill
Carol Hooker Stermer
Max Wingett

Administrative Faculty & Counselors

President’s Staff

Angeline D. Godwin
A.A., Gulf Coast Community College
B.A., Troy State University
M.A., University of Alabama
M.Ed., Florida State University
Ph.D., Florida State University
J.D., Thomas M. Cooley Law School

John I. Hanbury
Vice President for Financial & Administrative Services
B.A., Centre College of Kentucky
J.D., University of Kentucky College of Law

J. Gregory Hodges
Vice President for Academic and Student Success Services
B.A., College of William and Mary
M.S., Bethany Theological Seminary M.A., University of Phoenix
Ph.D., Trident University International

Rhonda R. Hodges
Vice President for Workforce, Economic & Community Development B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
M.S., University of Maryland University College


Jessica M. Carter
Coordinator of Admissions and Records
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Averett University
M.A., Liberty University Ed.S., Liberty University

David L. Deal
Dean of Technology
A.A.S., Danville Community College
B.A., Averett College
M.B.A., Averett University

Meghan E. Eggleston
Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Off-Campus Sites
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
M.S.Ed., Old Dominion University

Colin C. Ferguson
Dean of STEM, Health, and Applied Sciences
B.A., Emory & Henry College
M.B.A., University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Shanna Francisco-King
Coordinator of Talent Search, Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math & Science and MHC After 3 Program
B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
M.A., Radford University

Brian M. Henderson
Athletics & Special Activities Director
B.S., Virginia State University
M.S., Virginia State University

Virginia R. Jones
Dean of Student Success and Enrollment Services
A.A.S., Community College of the Air Force
A.A.S., Virginia Western Community College
B.S., Averett University
M.S., Longwood University
Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Cindy S. Keller
Coordinator of Financial Aid
A.A.S. and A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Averett College
M.A., Liberty University

Marcia I. Seaton-Martin
Assistant Coordinator of Library Services
A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.L.I.S., San Jose State University

Belinda N. Stockton
Director of Human Resources
B.A., Wittenberg University
M.A., New York University

Brenell C. Thomas
Coordinator of Workforce Development Programs
B.A., University of Virginia

Travis W. Tisdale
Coordinator of Advising
B.A., Hampden-Sydney College
M.Ed., University of Virginia

Amy E. Webster
Director of Nursing and Allied Health
B.S.N., Radford University
M.S.N., University of Phoenix

Christopher S. Wikstrom
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

B.S. & M.A.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Christy D. Yaple
Director of Student Success Center
A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.S., Old Dominion University

Terry A. Young
Dean of Academic Success and College Transfer
B.A., University of Virginia
M.A.L.S., Hollins University
J.D., University of Idaho


Patsy J. Anderson-Rusmisel
Director of Student Support Services
A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.A., University of Virginia
M.Ed., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Ophelia G. Griggs
Academic /Retention Coach for Student Support Services
B.A., Norfolk State University
M.S., Longwood University
Ed.D., Capella University

Scott D. Guebert
disAbility Counselor
B.S., MacMurray College
M.R.C., University of Kentucky

Jennifer T. Hollyfield
Transfer Counselor, Student Support Services
A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.A., Liberty University

Teaching Faculty

Gerald P. Bannan
Professor of Fine Arts
B.F.A., Tyler School of Art
M.F.A., Pratt Institute

Ronald C. Carter, Jr.
Associate Professor of Accounting
B.S., University of North Carolina, Greensboro
M.S., University of North Carolina, Greensboro

David L. Dillard
Associate Professor of General Engineering Technology
B.S., Norfolk State University
M.S., North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Matthew W. Dittler
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Ferrum College
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Kristin A. Dulaney
Associate Professor Education and Early Childhood
B.S., Longwood College
M.A.Ed., University of Virginia
Ed.D., University of Virginia

Ashley D. Dye
Associate Professor of Nursing/EMS
A.A.S., Virginia Western Community College
B.S.N., Radford University
M.S.N., Radford University

Daniel W. Edwards
Instructor of Industrial Electronics Technology
A.A.S. Patrick & Henry Community College
A.A./S. Patrick & Henry Community College

Tracy L. Fields
Associate Professor of Information Systems Technology
A.S., Bluefield State College
B.S., Bluefield State College
M.S.I.T.M., Trident University International

Tammy M. Forbes
Instructor of Developmental English/Writing Center Coordinator
B.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro
M.A.L.S., Hollins University

Tammy L. Gammons
Associate Professor of Nursing
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S.N., Chamberlain College of Nursing
M.S.N., Chamberlain College of Nursing

Jason D. Gibson
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.S., Clemson University
M.S., Longwood University

Melissa K. Hubbard
Instructor of Emergency Medical Services
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College

Chad M. Hughes
Associate Instructor of Welding
Certificate in Welding, Patrick & Henry Community College

Mark M. Huntress
Associate Professor of Chemistry/Physics
B.S., Ohio State University
Ph.D., Bowling Green University

Bob W. Koester
Instructor of Culinary Arts
B.S., Northern Illinois University

Jason T. Lachowicz
Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
M.S., North Carolina State University Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Julie G. Martin
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Assistant
B.S., Medical University of South Carolina
D.P.T., Virginia Commonwealth University

Tai M. McMiller
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.S., University of South Carolina
M.S., Webster University

Julie D. Meador
Associate Professor of Administrative Support Technology/ Legal Assisting
B.A., Emory & Henry College
M.B.A., Averett University

Bronte Y. Miller
Associate Professor of Developmental Math and Communication Studies
B.A., University of North Carolina, Asheville
M.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Frances H. Moore
Associate Professor of Biology
B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne College
M.S., Radford University

Mark A. Morton
Associate Instructor of Industrial Electronic Technology
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College

Melanie L. Nelson
Instructor of Nursing
B.S.N., Radford University

Bethany J. O’Neil
Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., Roberts Wesleyan College
M.S.N., University of Rochester

Nancy S. Phillips
Professor of Business Administration
A.A.S. and A.A./S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
M.B.A., Averett College
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Sandra M. Phillips
Assistant Professor of Information Systems Technology
B.S., Longwood College
M.S., Hollins University

Kelly M. Proffitt
Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Averett University M.Ed., Averett University

M. Debbie Shelton
Associate Professor of Nursing
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S.N., Radford University
M.S.N., Radford University

Eric-Gene Shrewsbury Professor of Spanish
B.A., Roanoke College
M.A., Saint Louis University
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

C. Randy Smith
Assistant Professor of Welding
Certificate in Welding, Patrick & Henry Community College

Denver A. Smith
Associate Instructor of Motorsports Technology
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College

Talmage B. Thomas
Instructor of Motorsports

Ikechukwu G. Ugbomah-Otunuya
Associate Instructor, Sociology
B.Sc., Ambrose Alli University
M.Sc., University of Benin

LaDonna H. Varner
Instructor of English/ Adjunct-Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison
A.A.&S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.A., James Madison University
M.A., Hollins University

Robert G. Wagner
Associate Instructor of Automotive Technology

Stephanie R. Wagoner
Instructor of Nursing
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S.N., Radford University

Linda M. Wallace
Associate Professor of Nursing
A.S.N., Jefferson College of Health Science
B.S., Averett University
B.S.N., Radford University
M.S.N., University of Phoenix

Jason L. Worley
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Ferrum College
M.C.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park
M.S., Clemson University

Ronnie L. Wray
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
A.A.S., Patrick & Henry Community College
B.S., Radford University
M.S., Liberty University

Michelle W. Zollars
Associate Professor of Developmental English
B.A., Averett College
M.A., Hollins University

Professors Emeritus

Milton A. Davis
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
B.S., State University of New York, Brockport
M.A., University of Illinois

Marie M. Garrett
Professor Emeritus of English
B.A., Longwood College
M.A., Longwood College
C.A.G.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Martha M. Lee
Professor Emeritus of English
B.A., Westhampton College of the University of Richmond
M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

James W. McIntosh, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Biology
B.S., Carson Newman College
M.S.P.H., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.S., Oregon State University
Ed.D., Duke University

Ruby D. Mitchell
Professor Emeritus of Spanish
B.A., Baylor University
M.A., Interamerican University, Mexico
Ph.D., Interamerican University, Mexico

Clyde E. Pitts
Professor Emeritus of History
B.S., University of Tennessee
M.A., Western Carolina University

Margaret C. Tinder
Professor Emeritus of Office Systems Technology
B.S., University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Joanne B. Whitley
Professor Emeritus
B.S., James Madison University
M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Adjunct Faculty

The following individuals taught classes as adjunct faculty during the 2018-2019 academic year:

Jerald Abell, Jr.
Kimbelton Adkins
Christopher Adkins
Gracie Agnew
Patricia Amos
Vivian Anderson
Jo Ann Armstrong
Elizabeth Ashby
Charles Austin, Jr.
Thabit Bahhur
Tara Baptist
Andres Barberena
Elizabeth Barbour
Schaquoria Barbour
Melanie Barrow
Jordan Basile
Judy Biedrycki
Clarke Beckner
Lynn Berry
Jeannie Blaisdell
Annette Bolio
Barbara Bodkin
Edythe Boitnott
Edmund Bowman
Lindsey Bryant
Jonathan Bracken
Cae Burge
Glenn Burnett, Jr.
Colleen Butker
Janet Cakir
Roger Campbell, Jr.
James Cannon
Nancy Carlson
Jerelle Carter
Dorothy Carter
Terry Carter
Andreea Carver
Guy Cassady
Melissa Cassell
Scott Cates
James Cecil
Jeffrey Chapman
Brian Chitwood
Amanda Christian
John Christian
Jeanie Clark
Rodney Clark
Taylor Clark
Valerie Clarke
Victoria Clements
Stacey Clifton
Jennifer Coffey
DeCarlo Collette
David Corns
James Corns
Mary Cumbie
Cynthia Cowley
Kathy Davis
Sara Davis-Leonard
Teresa Davis
Ricky Dawson
Lucas De Almeida
Marybeth Deadmond
Michelle Decker
Karen Despot
Fadre Dillard
Deborah Dillon
Holly Dillon
Brett Dooley
Tammy Dowling
Bradley Draper
Stephen Draper
Ferrell Van Drewery
Douglas Dunlap
Robert Durden
Joshua Eanes
Phyllis Eastridge
Karen Eggleston
Sue-Ann Ehmann
Sharon Elwonger
Kimberly Engel
Ashley Eubank
Paul Farrar II
Breanna Ferguson
Chandra Ferguson
Colin P. Ferguson
Stephanie Floros
Tammy Forbes
Teresa Foley
Nelson Fox, III
Cecil France
Karla Gammons
Brian Gardner
Tony Geter-Wade
Brittany Gill
Kenneth Gillie, Jr.
Sarah Ginter
Tiffany Goad
Kimberly Goard
Sian Gooding
Deneysha Goods
Mary Graham
Penelope Grande
James Grandinetti
Howard Graves, Jr.
Sue Graves
Jessica Greer
Kenneth Guzman
Blanche Hailey
Brienna Hairston
Carolyn Hairston
Jacole Hairston
LaDonna Hairston
Myra Hairston
Tiwianna Hairston
Angela Hairston-Niblett
Deborah Hall
Terry Hamdy
Tracie Hampton
John Hance
Lori Handy
Christy Harbour
Teresa Harkness
Julia Harned
Shannon Harrell
Frankie Harris
Janet Harrison
Brandon Hatcher
Shannon Hatcher
Monica Hathchett
Courtney Haworth
Douglas Henderson
Jessica Henson
Bradley Hoback
Fran Hobson
Latala Hodges
Angelica Holmes
Laura Hopkins
Helen Howell
Sharon Hubbard
Nina Huff
Ann Hughes
Judith Ison
Janine Jacob
Frank Jagoda, III
Kristen Jarrett
Paula Janey
Mary Jennings
Gregory Jessup
Gloria Johnson
Dylan Jones
Karla Jones
Bradley Jordan
Mary Jordan
Tonya Judd
Megan Keffer
Abigail Kieselbach
Donna King
Shannon King
Robert King
William Kirby, IV
James Kiser
Whitney Lackey
Charles Lane
Jeanne Lawson
Wyshona Lawson
Kevin Lewis
Jane Leizer
Susanna Loudermilk
Lori Lowe-Bonds
George Lyle
Elizabeth Lynch
Barbara Mabe
Pamela Mabry
Lorelei Maney
Debra Magee
Jarred Marlowe
Elizabeth Marshall
Carrie Martin
George Martin
Tanya Martin
Timothy Martin
William Martin, Jr.
Ronald Mateer
Antonio Mattox
Carrie Metzger
Joanne Millner
Terry Mitchell
David Moore
Joyce Moore
Angela Morris
Denise Morrison
Gregory Morrison
Shelira Morrison
Lynn Murphy
Mark Nelson
Keith Newcomb
Christina Niblett
Cynthia Nolen
Felix Nyako
Kelly Oakes
Edgar Ornelas
Richard Orr, Jr.
Renee Overby
Laura Owens
Mildred Owings
Coy Park, Jr.
Christopher Parker
Zara Pearson
Devin Pendleton
Erica Penn
Hope Perry
James Peverall, Jr.
Alan Preston
Patricia Prillaman
Richard Pulliam
Brandon Quesinberry
Elizabeth Ragsdale
Alex Randall
Carl Ratliff
Kerry Ratliff
Troy Reeves
Rebecca Renegar
Mauricio Reyes
Taylor Robertson
Marsha Roark
Meritha Rucker
Angela Rose
Zachary Saunders
Michael Scales
Terrance Schoefield
Keith Scott
Lisa Seay
Elizabeth Sharp
Sarah Short
Hannah Simpson
Marlena Skrocki
Jeffrey Smith
Trina Snead
Anna Sparks
Christy Spencer
Samantha Spencer
Cherie Spivey
Brian Stanley
Abigail Stephens
Kayla Stone
Terrence Strickland
Seberina Tatum
Ann Taylor
Amber Tejeda
Terri Thurman
Michael Tilley
Gayatri Titus
Marcus Toney
Dawn Toole
Jennifer Turner
LaDonna Varner
Heather VonPreysing
Kenneth Wade
Christopher Wagoner
Lori Wagoner
Hannah Walker
Kristin Walker
Teresa Wall
Monique Ward
Margaret Washburn
Vickie Wasoski
Sean Weatherall
Robert Weinerth
April Wells
David Welsh
Jenny Whitaker
Tonyette White
Melissa Whitney
Jeffrey Wickline
Amanda Wikstrom
Cherica Williams
Rebecca Williams-Vasquez
Emily Wimmer
Rachael Wingfield
Brian Wirth
Benjamin Wooster
Nicholas Wooten
Christian Youngblood
Richard Zollars


Brian Henderson
Athletics and Special Activities Director

Jordan Basile, Head Coach
Brian Wirth, Assistant Coach

Cross Country
Jeffrey Smith, Head Coach

Men’s Basketball
Kenneth Wade, Head Coach

Marcus Toney, Assistant Coach

Women’s Basketball
Brian Henderson, Head Coach
Deneysha Goods, Assistant Coach
Antonio Mattox, Assistant Coach

Robert Weinerth, Head Coach

Women’s Soccer
Annalies Jobsis, Head Coach

Men’s Soccer
Lucas Almeida, Head Coach

Roger Campbell, Head Coach

Women’s Volleyball
Lee Orr, Head Coach
Hannah Herbert, Assistant Coach

College Divisions and Offices

Office of the President
Angeline D. Godwin, President
Jencie D. Gibson, Executive Assistant

Brian M. Henderson, Athletics and Special Activities Director
Jeffrey Smith, Fitness Coordinator & Athletic Trainer
Kenneth Wade, Athletic Services Coordinator

Tiffani S. Underwood, Interim Director of Development
Letitia M. Pulliam, Executive Assistant
Cindy Gravely, Foundation Financial Coordinator
Matthew Ratliff, Corporate and Donor Relations Coordinator

Office of the Vice President
Financial and Administrative Services
John I. Hanbury, Vice President
Sue Ann Ehmann, Executive Assistant

Grant Development
Sarah Beth K. Morrison, Grants Program Director

Business Office
Sharon G. Claggett, Budget Director & Business Manager
Lori M. Conner, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Clerk
Torria N. Finney, Cashier/Inventory Clerk
Adrianne R. Martin, Student Financial/Local Funds Accountant
Cotina M. Pearson, General/Grant Accountant

Human Resources Office
Belinda Stockton, Director of Human Resources
Terence Carter, HR Generalist
Stephanie G. Keith, Payroll Specialist
Teddy Martin, Benefits Specialist

Facilities Services
Roberta L. Wright, Facilities Director

Gary C. Dove, Chief of Police/Emergency Planning Coordinator
Reggie W. Gravely, Police Officer
Billy Mitchem, Security Guard
Jeffery L. Stone, Security Guard
James Keaton, Security Guard
William Maxwell, Security Guard

Tammie S. Cobler, Timmy Barnwell, Lisa C. Helms, Katie Meadows, Kathy A. Oswalt, Lauretta R. Parker, Barbie H. Stone, Donna G. Thompson

Brian R. Boyd, Trades Technician/HVAC
Jack R. Eanes, Building & Grounds Lead
Rick F. Hopkins, Building & Grounds Tech
Logan Harr
Donald Lucado
Barry McDaniel
C. Todd Owen
Ronald W. Shotwell

Belinda C. Williams, Leslie J. Williams , Carol G. Zimoski

Culinary Café
Ryan Culver, Café Lead
Nancy McMillan, Catering Lead
DeCarlo Collette, James Copening, Camry Harris, Brittany Hylton, Elsa Ledyard, Ronald Payne

Office of the Vice President Academics and Student Success Services
J. Gregory Hodges, Vice President
Betty J. Ray, Executive Assistant
Gloria A. Johnson, Administrative Assistant for Adjunct Services

Academic Success and College Transfer Division
Terry A. Young, Dean
Kathy L. Price, Administrative Coordinator
April L. Wells, Developmental Math Center Manager

STEM, Health and Applied Programs Division
Colin C. Ferguson, Dean
Teresa S. Foley, Administrative Assistant

Nursing and Allied Health
Amy E. Webster, Director of Nursing and Allied Health
Amber Shelton, Professional Technologies Assistant

Kenneth D. Robertson, Equipment Service & Repair Tech

Technology Division
David L. Deal, Dean
Eric L. Arrington, Senior Network Administrator
Mark W. Nelson, Educational Technologist
Mark L. Setliff, Network/Desktop Technician
Jason Mabry, Network/Desktop Technician
John Y. Stafford, Instructional Lab Assistant
Cindy R. Seay, Instructional Media Services
Kevin L. Hairston, Instructional Media Services
Bethany C. Fulcher, Lab Assistant
C. Alan Lawson, Learning Lab/Testing Center
Charlie F. Martin, Lab Assistant

Library Services
Marcia Seaton-Martin, Assistant Coordinator of Library Services
Aileen C. Martin, Library Assistant
Marilyn Amerson, Library Technician

Student Success and Enrollment Services Division
Virginia R. Jones, Dean
Joyce Divens, Advisor
Shelira D. Morrison, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist
Devin M. Pendleton, Coordinator of Campus Life & Fine Arts

Travis W. Tisdale, Coordinator of Advising
Christina V. Niblett, Outreach Advising Specialist

Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs
Cindy S. Keller, Coordinator of Financial Aid
Rosemary I. Bowers, Program Support Technician
Robert T. Hendrix, Financial Aid Administrative Asst.

Registrar’s Office
Jessica M. Carter, Registrar/Coordinator, Admissions & Records
Jennifer L. Brown, Student Entry Specialist

MHC After 3, Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math & Science, Talent Search
Shanna Francisco-King, Coordinator

MHC After 3
Brian Stanley, Assistant Coordinator
Cecil France, High School Director
VACANT, Middle School Director
Patti Amos, Family and Community Engagement Specialist
Carlo Albonetti, Tara Baptist, Andres Barberena, Schaquoria Barbour, Dasjah Barksdale, Hana Bensadik, Dovie Blankenship, Annette Bolio, Matthew Bryant, Selena Cannoy, Brianna Cox, Cairo Craig, Amanda Daniels, Fadre Dillard, Rachel Estes, Breanna Ferguson, Tiara Giles, Brittany Gill, Kenneth Gill, Sian Gooding, James Grandinetti, Joshua Gravely, India Hairston, LaDonna Hairston, Taylor Hodge, Angelica Holmes, Milton Johnson, Samantha Jones, Sara Landi, Ericka Mattox, Darnell Mitchell, Lydia Pack, Ayesha Pasha, Erica Penn, Amber Purdy, Hannah Ratliff, Mauricio Reyes, Whitney Robinson, Timothy Ross, Meritha Rucker, Xavier Savannah, Terrance Schoefield, Briana Scott, Matthew Thomas, Daly Tucknott, Brianna Warren, Vickie Wasoski, Nicholas Wooten, Ronald Wooten

Upward Bound
Brenda S. Sigmon, Administrative Assistant
Lindsey P. Bryant, Assistant Coordinator
Courtney R. Haworth, Assistant Coordinator
Antonio Mattox, Advisor

Talent Search
Sarah Short, Assistant Coordinator
Elizabeth Marshall, Advisor

Student Success Center
Christy D. Yaple, Director
Samantha Pruitt, Administrative Assistant
Jan P. Harrison, College Success & Great Expectations Coach
Lori Lowe, College Success Coach
Seberina V. Tatum, College Success Coach
Christy P. Spencer, Middle College & Great Expectations Coach
Lisa K. Coffey, College Success Coach Program Specialist
Brandi Cannaday, Middle College Assistant

Student Support Services
Patsy Anderson-Rusmisel, Director
Ophelia G. Griggs, Academic/Retention Coach for Student Support Services
Scott D. Guebert, disAbility Counselor
Patricia A. Worley, disAbility Services Advisor
Jennifer T. Hollyfield, Transfer Counselor
Susan M. Plunk, Administrative Assistant

David Dillard, Bethany Fulcher, Edith Grevious, Kenneth Guzman, James Hodges, Kinsey Johnson, Lisa Parnell, Casey Peters, David Reynolds, Bunpen Stafford, Phyllis Walker

Dual Enrollment & Off Campus Sites
Meghan E. Eggleston, Coordinator
Ashley D. Hughes, Accelerated Learning, Off Campus Sites & Student Services Program Assistant
Cherica A. Williams, Career Coach
Rachel L. Wingfield, Career Coach
Christy Lester, Career Coach

Patrick County Site
Angelia R. Brown, Patrick County Site Facilitator
Lynne B. Howell, Media Specialist, Patrick County
Twyla P. Neil, Office Support, Patrick County
Sam C. Rorrer, Lab Assistant, Patrick County

Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Christopher S. Wikstrom, Director
Lisa L. Finley, Research Analyst
Kim M. Dillard, Programmer

Office of the Vice President Workforce, Economic & Community Development
Rhonda R. Hodges, Vice President
Lillie J. Gibson, Executive Assistant
Brenell C. Thomas, Coordinator of Workforce Dev. Programs
Kathy Whittle-Davis, Coordinator, Workforce Transitional Grants
Tanya L. Sprinkle, Workforce Systems Specialist
Sheneka D. Hairston, Employment Assistance Professional
Shannon Whitlow, Workforce Programs Specialist
Matthew Ratliff, Corporate & Donor Relations Coordinator
Sierra Braxton-Sears, Workforce Services Specialist

Career Center
Christina Niblett, Career Services Coordinator
Regina M. Warren, Career Services Support Specialist
IDEA Center
Tiffani Underwood, Coordinator of Community Development Programs
Amy K. Reed, Community Development Support Specialist
Christopher Wagoner, Fab Lab Coordinator

Marketing and Public Relations
Randy Ferguson, Media Director
Amanda Broome, Public Relations & Social Media Manager
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