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Student Resources

Resources for Getting Started

{slider=1}How can I get help paying for college?{/slider=1}{slider1text}
Get help filling out the FAFSA
-Contact the EOC at sharon.harris@danville.edu or 434-797-8570. More information on FAFSA assistance.

Financial Aid questions
-Contact finaid@patrickhenry.edu or (276) 656-0317. financial aid information

Apply for scholarships
-We have over 100 scholarships available to all kinds of students. Contact: Letitia Pulliam at lpulliam@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0250. See the list of scholarships.

SEED Funding for graduating high school seniors
-Graduating from a Martinsville or Henry County high school? You may be eligible for a full ride to P&HCC through SEED Funding. Contact Chloe Mayhew at cmayhew@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0348. More information about eligibility.

Get a work-study position
-Want to be paid to work at P&HCC? Contact Rosemary Bowers at rbowers@patrickhenry.edu or call 276-656-0317. Available work-study positions.

Credit for prior learning
-Have you taken AP classes, a CLEP exam, or a challenge exam? Have military work experience? These experiences may count as credit towards your degree. Please contact you’re an academic advisor for more details: advising@patrickHenry.edu or 276-656-5482. Credit for prior learning handbook.

Short-term credential programs have funding options too.
-Some short-term training courses may be eligible for FastForward funding which covers two-thirds of the cost of tuition.
-Some students may be eligible for workforce scholarships

If you have been laid off or furloughed because of COVID-19 you may eligible for funding and a $1,000 incentive
-Conact:wecd@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0260. More information on COVID-19 Funding

{/slider1text} {slider=2}Before you enroll{/slider=2}{slider2text}
Apply to the college
The first step is to apply! Access the application at https://www.apply.vccs.edu/Home/Sign_In/Logon.aspx. If you have questions, contact 265-656-0301

Resources for Military Veterans.
-Have you served in the military? Connect with fellow veterans and discover resources specifically for you. Contact Rosemary Bowers at rbowers@patrickhenry.edu or call 276-656-0317. More information regarding Veterans.

VPT Testing
-To take the Virginia Placement Tests, contact 276-656-5481. More Information the VPT.

-Are there alternatives to taking the VPT? Have you taken AP classes, a CLEP exam, or a challenge exam? You may be eligible for alternative placement measures. Please contact your academic advisor for more details: advising@patrickHenry.edu or 276-656-5482.

Ready to Enroll?
-Be sure you’re on the right track. You can contact our advising center at advising@patrickHenry.edu or 276-656-5482. Or, a list of program advisors.

Sign up for New Student Orientation
-New Student Orientation Sign Up

Tools For Your Success

{slider=3}Books, Laptops, Food and other necessities {/slider=3}{slider3text}
Buy your books
https://www.bkstr.com/patrickhenryccstore/home or call the bookstore at 276-656-0319

Book/Laptop loan
-Need to borrow a textbook or laptop for the semester? We have a limited supply of textbooks and laptops available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you need a textbook or laptop to complete your course, email us to see what we have on-hand at studentresources@patrickhenry.edu

Patriot Pantry/Patriot Digs
If you are experiencing food insecurity or need a winter coat to help you worry a little less about necessities while you’re on campus, we have a coat closet and our Patriot Pantry. To make an appointment to pick up food, toiletries, or a coat, simply email us at studentresources@patrickhenry.edu
{/slider3text} {slider=4} Academic Resources {/slider=4}{slider4text}
-Testing Center
Need to take a proctored test? See the testing center hours at https://www.patrickhenry.edu/295-testing-center
It is always a good idea to get a little extra help when you need it! Tutoring services are available for free for any P&HCC student. To connect with a tutor, simply email tutoring@patrickhenry.edu. You can also learn more about our tutoring center at https://www.patrickhenry.edu/176-tutoring
-LRC Live
This service enables you & a reference staff member in the VCCS to chat online, in real-time. You can also allow the reference staff to share web pages and other helpful materials to assist you with your research, collaboratively and interactively. At the end of each session, you will receive a transcript of the entire sesfsion, including links to web pages, provided you enter a valid e-mail address when signing on. More information about LRC Live

-disAbility Resources
If you have a disability and need accommodations, disAbility Resources is here to support you and help ensure that your education is as accessible to you as possible. Find out more at disAbility Resources or connect with us at disabilityresources@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0257.

-College Success Coaches
College Success Coaches are here to support you and help ensure your success. More Information regarding College Success Coaches

-Student Support Services
Student Support Services has a variety of services and resources for students who are either have a financial need, have a disability, or are first-generation college students. To find out whether you qualify, contact us at sss@patrickhenry.edu or download the application

-Writing Center
It’s always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes look at a paper! Got a paper and need help getting started, finding and citing sources, or just need a review before you turn it in? Come to the Writing Center Page! You can also find instant grammar and spelling support at Grammarly.com

{/slider4text} {slider=5}Tech Help{/slider=5}{slider5text}
-Password Reset and Tech Troubleshooting: LMSsupport@patrickhenry.edu

-Laptop/Webcam Loans: studentresources@patrickhenry.edu

-WiFi: Did you know that our parking lots are Wi-Fi hot spots? You are welcome to use our free WiFi from your car at any time.

{/slider5text} {slider=6}Other{/slider=6}{slider6text}
-P&HCC Alert: Get emergency texts (or emails) if we have to close the campus for inclement weather or have an emergency such as an active shooter. Stay informed, stay safe! https://sites.google.com/a/ph.vccs.edu/emergency/


-Mental Health:
One of our professors has some wonderful tips on mindfulness to help you learn to manage stress and anxiety. Follow his journey.
Some other mental health resources include the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Piedmont Community Services, and the Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness

-Financial Wellness Resources:
Check out the following links to view the recordings of our 2019 Financial Literacy seminars: Bridges out of Poverty, Budgeting, and Savings

- New to the Community?
See our helpful brochure for new-to-the-community students


Getting Involved On Campus

{slider=7}Sports, theatre, clubs, and more{/slider=7}{slider7text}
-Clubs and organizations:
There are a LOT of opportunities to get involved at P&HCC. From professional societies like the American Criminal Justice Association to really fun clubs like the BASS Fishing Team. See what we group of like-minded students you can plug into at https://www.patrickhenry.edu/139-clubs

-Patriot Players:
Our Theatre program at P&HCC is an incredible experience. Want to get involved on the stage or behind the scenes? https://www.patrickhenry.edu/1715-patriot-players

We have dozens of NJCAA sports at P&HCC! Whether you’re into soccer, volleyball, or eSports, check out how you can join the team: http://PHCCsports.com/

-Phi Theta Kappa:
If you have received an invitation to join PTK, congratulations! You have earned a chance to join the world’s top honors society for community college students. For more information about PTK, contact LaDonna Varner at lvarner@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0304.


Next Steps After P&HCC?

{slider=8}Transfering, Career Exploration, and More {/slider=8}{slider8text}
- Graduation:
Finishing your course of study? Don’t forget you will need to apply to graduate so we can officially confer your degree. You can do so by going to MyP&HCC > SIS Student Information System > Student Center > Apply for Graduation (under Academics section).
If you would like to walk in the commencement ceremony, simply contact the Registrar at jcarter@patrickhenry.edu or 276-656-0312.

- Transfer:
Getting ready to transfer to a four-year institution, talk with your transfer advisor to learn about your options, determine the best transfer pathway, and find scholarships. Contact jhollyfield@patrickhenry.edu at 276-656-0306. You can also go to https://www.patrickhenry.edu/286-transfer-information for more information
- Finding a job:
If you need a job while in college or if you’re about to launch your post-college career, the P&HCC Career Center can help you connect with local employers, help you polish your resume, hone your interview skills, and more. Contact 276-656-5483 or careecenter@patrickhenry.edu or go to https://www.patrickhenry.edu/117-career-center for more information.

- Staying connected as an alumnus:
Have you completed your studies at P&HCC? You’re always a Patriot, so let’s stay connected! Plug into our P&HCC alumni Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/180935365925210/?source_id=33717010264

- Personal Enrichment Courses:
We have all kinds of short-term classes that you can take just for fun or for personal enrichment. We’ve offered classes like 3-D printing, ballroom dancing, motorcycle riding, and more. We have new classes all the time so check back often to see what fun thing you could learn next: Workforce Courses You can also contact us to learn what classes are coming up soon at wecd@patrickhenry.edu or 276.656.0260.


Resources in the surrounding Community

{slider=9}Check out these helpful links{/slider=9}{slider9text}
-The United Way of MHC’s repository of community resources includes information on community food banks, clothing closets, transportation, shelter, and more: Download the United Way Repository.

-You may also try Yes Martinsville’s Resource Page or the Harvest Foundation’s Resource Repository
(Please note: these resources are not provided by P&HCC and may be subject to change).

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