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Student Email

Email Communication

VCCS has established email as a primary vehicle for official communication with students. An official VCCS Gmail email address has been established and assigned by the VCCS and the colleges for each registered student, current faculty and staff member.

The VCCS email domain is {username}@email.vccs.edu

All communications sent via email will be sent to this address.  Full-Time Faculty members and staff at P&HCC will use email addresses ending in @patrickhenry.edu. Part-Time Adjunct and staff will use the official VCCS Gmail email address to communicate with a student registered in their classes and administrative units will correspond with students via this address.

The VCCS expects students to receive and read email in a timely manner. Students are expected to maintain their accounts and check their email periodically so new mail will be properly received and read. A student’s failure to receive and read official college communications delivered to their Google email address in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

While students are allowed to redirect email from their official VCCS email address to another address (e.g. @gmail.com, @outlook.com), they do so at their own risk. The VCCS is not responsible for the handling of email by other service providers. Having email redirected does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of the communication sent to their official College email address. 

How to use gMail


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