Humanities Honors Program

HonorsThe Program:
From the small courses sizes and discussion based seminars to field trips and hands-on projects – honors classes offer a richer learning experience and greater academic challenge for highly motivated students.

The Honors Program is open to high school graduates who have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA. Eligible applicants are chosen by committee review.

The Distinction:
Students who complete four honors courses and maintain a satisfactory GPA will graduate with an honors diploma and the honors distinction will be made on their transcript. 

 "This program offers high-achieving students deeper learning opportunities and a proven pathway for success. Through these classes, students can distinguish themselves and earn honors that can fuel a lifetime of educational and career success.” 
- Dr. Greg Hodges
Vice President of Academic & Student Success Services.

The classes:
Course offerings differ from semester to semester. Speak with you advisor to see what courses are offered this semester. Possible courses include English composition, communications, English literature, and U.S. history.


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