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Local employer talks of hiring PHCC’s CADD students.

“There will be no shortage of jobs in this industry for the next six years,” said RJE Telecom executive director Kenneth Moorefield, who led the recruiting sessions in PHCC’s CADD classroom.

RJE Telecom is recruiting from PHCC’s CADD program because many of the staff at RJE Telecom can personally vouch for the quality of training that PHCC’s CADD program offers. All three of the representatives that came to recruit are PHCC alumni. Moreover, according to Moorefield, 90% of RJE’s first team members were PHCC alumni.

“PHCC gives you the basic skills you need, familiarizes you with the types of programs used in the industry and prepares you to pick up our training quickly,” said Moorefield.  The RJE Telecom team exemplifies how PHCC’s CADD program is a pipeline that propels students to employment. With the internship program starting, this pipeline may become even more streamlined for PHCC CADD students.