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Follow the clues with Patriot Players

Audience members will enjoy an evening meal, laugh at Mr. Boddy’s ad-libs and follow the clues to solve the mystery in “Clue: The Musical,” an upcoming dinner theatre production from the Patrick Henry Community College Patriot Players. 

 “We have some tremendous characters – because they really are characters – and they’re very well-developed,” said Dr. J. David Martin, playing the role of Mr. Boddy. “On opening night, I want to see a lot of people having fun and just having the anticipation that something exciting will happen.” 

Martin said three members of the audience will choose from six suspects, six rooms and six murder weapons, so potentially, the show could have 216 different endings. 

“We’re going to ask the audience to play the game,” Martin said. “The numbers of possibilities make this show really exciting because we actors will have to change and move quickly based on what the audience decides.” 

Director Devin Pendleton said guests can expect to come to an intimate evening dinner to enjoy a different type of Patriot Players show.

“It’s a very interactive show in that we incorporate the audience a lot,” he said. “And we’ve also designed an interactive lighting scheme that is unique to each character. If you have a suspect onstage talking about a clue, the entire room will illuminate in their corresponding color. It provides a surrounding visual to further immerse the audience.” 

Pendleton said guests are in for a special treat with Martin as Mr. Boddy and the experience of how he interacts with the cast and crowd.

“David (Martin) is absolutely hilarious,” Pendleton said. “His candor and ad libs will really sell the show. He has a timely spontaneity with people, and you’ll never hear the same thing twice. Even the cast is having a hard time in rehearsals because his comedy takes you by surprise.” 

“Clue” is the first dinner theatre production for the Patriot Players, which brings a new set of challenges for the performing arts group, according to Jane Leizer, the program director.
“The music is so different because the harmonies are not what you would expect, and they’re clashing somewhat – it’s been challenging for the cast,” she said. “We also have a host of different instruments like an organ, a huge bass, cello and drum, which are different for us. They provide a unique and spooky sound.” 

Leizer said by the time the evening is over, the “audience will feel like they’ve enjoyed an orchestra performance with dinner, seen a spectacular musical and been involved in a game show. It’s definitely a multifaceted evening of entertainment.”

The cast includes Martin as Mr. Boddy; Leah Hylton as Mrs. Peacock; Kendall Ledyard as Professor Plum; Demi Richardson as Miss Scarlet; Kayla Moore as Colonel Mustard; Pam Wall as Mrs. White; Robbie Hendrix as Mr. Green and Brandi Collins-Burnette as Detective.    

Spencer-Penn Centre, located at 475 Spencer Road in Spencer, Va., will host the event on Oct. 3-5. Friday and Saturday’s performances will include an Italian dinner starting at 6 p.m. with the show following at 7 p.m. Sunday’s performance at 2 p.m. will include dessert and coffee. 

Tickets are $30 and $15 for Sunday’s performance. An accurate count is needed for food preparation, so tickets will only be available until Oct. 2. They will not be sold at the door.

For additional information, visit or call (276) 638-8777.