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Financial Aid without GED

students must enroll in classes in one of the following programs: Nurse Aide Training (CNA); Culinary & Hospitality Management; Automotive Engine Technology; Heating Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration; or Residential/Commercial/Industrial Electrician.

To become eligible for federal aid through the Ability to Benefit program, students must either pass Wonderlic, the Ability to Benefit test, or have paid for and passed six college-level credits.  Once this requirement has been met, students will be able to complete the FASFA, take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), and enroll in the required classes.

The Ability to Benefit program will also focus on equipping students for their college career and for their future employment.  Students will be encouraged to obtain their GED and will be required to co-enroll in a Career Pathways course each semester until they have obtained the GED. PHCC provides both the Career Pathways Course and GED training as well as funds to take the GED test.

Other qualifications may apply. Contact Travis Tisdale, Admissions and Records Coordinator, at or 276-656-0311 to learn more about qualifications or to sign up for the Ability to Benefit test.  Sign up early to provide enough time for FASFA processing and to take the VPT.

 “For those people who have traditionally been ineligible for financial aid, this program could be a pathway for them to receive significant financial aid in the future,” explains Greg Hodges the Dean of Dean of Academic Success and College Transfer. “Not only that, but this could give them the means to start a great career that they may not have ever been able to become equipped for otherwise.”