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 Administration of Justice Association

Open to all current ADJ students and those who have completed or are enrolled in 12 ADJ credits. The Administration of Justice Association is designed to promote the ADJ program at PHCC, to help bring safety awareness to PHCC and its local community, and to encourage high standards of scholarship and professionalism among its members.

Contact: Pauline Satterfield |  | 276-656-0291

 Alliance for Excellence

Alliance for Excellence seeks to increase college participation in African Americans communities of central Virginia where significant obstacles to economic opportunity remain. Collaboration among community colleges and African American churches foster leadership skills, social awareness, educational qualifications, and marketability essential for meaningful employment and economic advancement.
Contact: Jean Wilson |  | 276-656-0219

 BASS Fishing Team

The Bassmaster Collegiate Fishing Team is an excellent opportunity for students interested in fishing at a competitive level.  Practices are on weekends and students compete at the local BASS Nation of Virginia events. Team members are involved in conservation and youth projects in the state. The team competes in the college division at the Bassmaster Collegiate Tournaments where they can win scholarship money for PHCC and for themselves. There is an opportunity to advance to the national level and the Bassmaster Classic.

Contact: Mike Bryant |  | 276-656-0351

 Brown Bag Seminars

Offers great speakers for students and faculty.

Contact: Aileen Martin |  | 276-638-8777 ext. 0439


The cheerleading squad is chosen through campus tryouts each fall to support PHCC athletic events. Tryouts are open to male and female students and, if selected, each cheerleader is responsible for uniforms, shoes, etc. Cheerleaders must be enrolled in at least six semester hours and follow all rules and regulations of the squad.

Contact: Chandra Ferguson

Cross-Cultural / Multi-Cultural Club

Learn about other cultures, food, and traditions in a friendly and open environment. MC/CC promotes cultural diversity and understanding among the entire PHCC community. The club supports international students and those new to the area with a smooth transition. MC/CC also promotes study abroad opportunities through PHCC.

Contact: Sharon Gilbert |  | 276-656-0289

 Culinary Club  

Contact: Chef Bob Koester | | 276-656-0318

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Open to athletes and the general student population once a month during the school year.

Brian Henderson |  | 276-656-0313


The purpose of the intramural program is to provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in a variety of physical activities on a self-directed, self-selected basis. Intramural activities represent a higher level of competition for students who are beyond the fundamental, self-learning level found in many of the physical education activity classes. Activities are open to all students, staff, and faculty.

 Motorsports Club  

The purpose of the Motorsports Club is to improve the motorsports program to a world-class level, recruit new students, and assist motorsports students in job hunting after graduation. Members must be enrolled in the motorsports program or courses.

Denver Smith |  | 276-638-8777 ext.0464

 Nursing Students Association

The Nursing Students Association (NSA) gives students a united voice on a state and national level, as well as a chance to have an impact on their profession by sharing in decision making. NSA is the largest independent health professional student organization in the U.S., and the only one for nursing students. Members are a part of a vital, growing association interested in the needs of nursing students.

Linda Wallace |  | 276-656-0231

 Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is a national honorary society that recognizes and encourages scholarship, provides opportunities for leadership and service, and fosters an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas, lively fellowship, and continuing academic excellence. Membership is by invitation only to students who have: Earned 12 credits in a program of study, achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 with 12 credits or 3.2 with 24 credits, established academic excellence as judged by faculty, and possessed good moral character.

Angela Wright |  | 276-656-5498


The fitness club (Resolve) is for students interested in maintaining and improving personal health. Members organize campus events related to overall wellness and promote awareness.

 Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) encourages communication and cooperative experiences among students, faculty, and administrators. SGA promotes and plans student activities and encourages student involvement on campus and in the community. All students who have a 2.0 grade point average may run as officers and representatives. Students may also be represented on standing committees of the college.

 Veteran Student Club 

The Veteran Student Club unites those within the campus community who are veterans, active military, dependents, and those who support our military.

Rosemary Bowers |  | 276-656-0341




Student Social Activity Policy 
The organization sponsoring a student function must notify the student activities director and register the date of the function at least ten days prior to the event. All students attending social functions at Patrick Henry Community College must have paid their activities fees for the current school year. There may also be an admission fee for functions. Each student is responsible for the behavior of an invited guest. All social functions must be chaperoned. The responsibility for the behavior of students and guests at a college social function lies primarily with the membership of the organization holding the function. Specifically designate a minimum of two students, or one student per fifty people expected in attendance, as student chaperones. Student chaperones will be assisted by faculty and staff of the college. All student chaperones must have the approval of the student activities director. Chaperones may require a student or guest to leave the premises whenever such individual is disruptive or acts in an unlawful manner, fails to comply with rules and regulations of the college, or unduly interferes with the activity. Chaperones who are directly involved in any serious incident should orally report it to the student activities director as soon as possible. A written description of the incident, including names of the participants, witnesses, and a summary of the action taken will be submitted to student activities director no later than 12 noon of the next working day. The faculty or staff chaperone(s) is the guest of the student organization sponsoring the activity. He or she should be present for the entire time of the social activity or make arrangements with another faculty or staff chaperone to carry out the responsibilities. A faculty or staff chaperone may make an agreement with the sponsoring student group to be present for a designated period of hours provided there is adequate faculty or staff chaperone coverage for the duration of the event. It is a student responsibility to arrange for full coverage.


Procedures for Establishing Club-Sponsored Events 
In addition to compliance with the student social activity policy, the following conditions must be met in performing a club-sponsored event: Submit all event proposals in writing to the student activities director ten days prior to the event. Include the time, place, date, and cost (total for event and per person). Ask the staff of the Public Relations and Marketing Department to assist with or review publications such as programs, flyers, press releases, or ads. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the funds raised at the event. Prior to the start of the activity, the student activities director must approve a method of assuring the accurate amount of money collected per person or couple. Deposit receipts and total funds raised in the club account within one working day after the event. Complete the proper documents for sponsoring activities and file them with the appropriate department (i.e., facilities utilization request form, internal purchase request form). Complete a Student Activities Report (SAR) following each event.


Devin Pendleton |  | 276-638-8777 ext/0460