Outside Scholarships/ Private Loans

Outside Scholarships

There are many thousands of scholarships available on the web! Below are just a few such scholarships which are not provided by PHCC.

  • Roanoke Foundation
    Who: Graduating high school senior and/or non-traditional student. (Additional requirements may apply per scholarship)
    Apply: Submit one online application to be considered for any of the scholarships on the Scholarship Guide. 
  • Martinsville Area Foundation
    Who: Graduating high school seniors, current college students, graduate students, or anyone intending to begin college.
  • JT Minnie Maude Trust
    Who:  U.S. citizens who reside and who have resided for a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive months at the time of application in the Virginia counties of Halifax, Henry and Pittsylvania and the North Carolina counties of Caswell and Rockingham (including all towns or cities located therein). GPA, enrollment status, and other criteria may apply.
  • 2018 NURSE Corps Scholarship Program
    Who: If you've been accepted into our nursing program, you may be eligible to receive funding for tuition, fees, and other educational costs with the Nurse Corps.


Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans (also known as alternative loans) are offered by many lending institutions and are designed to help fund educational expenses not met by other means.  Private Student Loans are credit based, may require a co-signer and have varying interest rates depending on the lender.  Private Student Loans should be considered only after a student has exhausted grant and scholarship options. 

Patrick Henry Community College students have used a variety of lending institutions for obtaining additional funding.  Our college does not provide a preferred lenders list, and students should carefully research lending options.  Once a student has completed the information needed by the lender, the Financial Aid Office will receive information by the lender to certify the loan. Certification of a loan confirms a student’s academic level, enrollment, and projected term of graduation.

Deferment of Patrick Henry Community College tuition and fee charges cannot be issued until a loan approval from the lender is received.