PHast Click (pronounced Fast Click) is a synchronous classroom response system built in-house at PHCC. It is not really intended for DL use but it could have some value.

With the PHast Click system, you will login and create questions on the fly. The intention is that you will have a PowerPoint or some other prompt on the board. You then activate a quest in PHast Click and the students can use any “web-enabled” device to respond to the question.

This system is unique in the fact that you do not need to create a data-table with questions and answers. You simply ask the question and then activate the question in the system.

The question types in which you can activate are as follows:

•Multiple choice 4-choices (A, B, C, D)
•Multiple choice 5-choices (A, B, C, D, E)
•Multiple selection 4-choices
•Multiple selection 5-choices
•Short Answer ( less than 255 characters )
You can also create a hyperlinks in your PowerPoint files that will activate the questions without you having to be in BlackBoard.

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