One Stop Registration Page

one stop registration


1.    APPLY

Submit a Virginia Community College System application.

(Contact: Admissions Office |  276-656-0301  | Walker 240)



Visit to apply for financial aid. The entire process can take up to four weeks. Visit the PHCC website for scholarship availability.

(Contact:  Financial Aid  |  855-874-6692  | Walker 244)



Math and English placement tests are required for all students if they don’t meet the minimum SAT or ACT score requirements. The math and English portions of the VPT should be taken over two days.

(Contact: The Learning Resource Center |  | 276-656-5482 |  LRC Main Desk)



Academic advisors help navigate the classes needed to finish your degree or certificate.

(Contact: The Advising Center |   | 276-656-5482 |  Walker 240)



Once an academic advisor provides a registration card, take it to the Center for New Students for processing.

(Contact: The Advising Center |  | 276-656-5482 |  Walker 240)



Staff can confirm if financial aid, scholarships, and loans have been applied and can explain available payment options. Payment must be made before the scheduled enrollment cancellation is processed or the student will automatically be dropped from classes.

(Contact:  Business Office  |  276-638-8777  |  West 155)